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Introducing Ventcore®

​Uniquely developed all-in-one thermal wall vent core apparatus

Ventcore® solves all of the problems associated with traditional type air vents. It’s innovative design combines seven adjustable vented chambers running the full length of the product’s core. The open chambers within the core work in complete harmony with the overall thermal open cell structure.

The Problems With Traditional Wall Vents

The quality of the air that we breath every day unquestionably plays a huge role in our overall wellbeing and health. A survey conducted on behalf of Velux in 2018 identified that people spend over 90% of their time indoors. This underlines the reasons why we must pay very close attention to the air quality in both our homes and workplaces. Traditional wall vents that are installed in our homes, offices and factories are often the cause of many of the air quality issues that are commonplace in houses and commercial buildings. These types of very basic vents are nothing more than a hole on the wall with a grid cover either side. Pollutants from outside can easily enter through these open spaces. When the vent grid is in the open position in cold weather, heat escapes as quickly as it is generated driving up the heating energy costs.When the grid is kept closed, the flow of fresh air is prevented which leads to us breathing in poor damp quality air, which in turn can lead to the formation and build up of black mould. Exposure to black mould spores can be the direct cause of many health issues such as stuffy nose, irritation of the throat, coughing, sore eyes or possibly even skin irritation. Closed or blocked wall vents are a huge health hazard! In the event of fire, death can occur within just 3 minutes as a direct result of smoke inhalation. Additionally closed or blocked wall vents can even nullify your insurance indemnity. Our product is fully fire retardant, self extinguishing, keeping your PVC pipe safe. 

​Advantages and benefits of Ventcore – how it can improve your indoor living space:

  • Allows Natural Air Flow 
  • Eradicates Condensation
  • Increases Energy Efficiency
  • Collects & Traps Pollutants
  • Customisable Chamber Sizes Available
  • Reduces Room Heat Loss
  • Fully Fire Retardant & and Self Extinguishing
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy To Clean – Machine Washable
  • Full 10 Year Warranty
  • No Additional Running Costs – Install Once – Reap The Benefits For Years!

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​Client Testimonials

Wow at first I thought it was a joke, I phoned (VENTCORE) and purchased  six 100mm x 15mm x 20mm x 385mm.  Just can’t thank Ventcore enough how this has ended a long running nightmare the wife is so pleased.

Mr Paul Styles


Having heard of the new innovation in the Wexford People Paper I decided this was for me.  I contacted (VENTCORE) it was game set and match, my Vents are now sorted. I haven’t had any problems. It had been a delight to finally resolve a long awaited problem.

Mary Mernagh

New Ross, Wexford

The service and supply had been second to none. My vents are at peace with themselves no more sleepless nights. Absolutely fantastic innovation.

Mary J Flood Furlong


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