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How is Ventcore fitted?

Ventcore is simple to fit. Here are the steps below:

1- Remove internal grill. In the case of spring-loaded grills remove lugs at base with metal snips. For grills with screws, simply unscrew and remove grill.
2- Clean vent chamber clearing away any loose debris. Clean vent grill and sanitise with good quality disinfectant.
3- Slip Ventcore into ventilation pipe tweaking to achieve comfy fit.
4- Refit grill by using a quality caulk sealant to seal grill base to wall. Seal outer edge to make for a clean looking finish.
Do closed wall vents pose health risks?

Absolutely yes. In the majority of cases people either block or partially close a ventilation supply, not realising the significance of their action. Everyone in the home is put at risk from blocked or partially closed vents in the event of fire, carbon monoxide or gas leak. Additionally, having partially or fully closed wall vents may render insurance indemnity invalid putting you at substantial financial  risk.

How does Ventcore achieve energy efficiency?

 As hot air leaves a room this increases the Ventcore‘s thermal capability which works through the reverse thermal vortex process. As cold air enters in through the core system it is tempered by the reverse vortex process of hot air leaving, creating natural tempered air flow which contributes to controlled energy efficiency.

How does Ventcore achieve being an actuator?

Vents can be noisy and troublesome. With Ventcore the filter system acts as an actuator within the ventilation chamber dispelling vent noise by about 45%.

How does ventcore achieve pollutant capture?

As the filter is a honeycombed structure, its cells are open cells at 2.5mm. When pollutants pass through the structure they become attached to the open cell structure the cells are a woven honeycombed allowing for concise pollutant capture. The open cell structure and seven vented chambers allow complete fresh air permeability. Capturing pollutants are such pollen, dust, bugs and other pollutants not visable to the naked eye have many resultant health benefits.

How does Ventcore achieve anti-microbial bacteria pollutant control?

Ventcore’s innovative thermal filter core system can be readily sprayed with a top quality anti microbial bacterial disinfectant once applied to the filter core, will support killing bacteria that may flow airborne or attempt to harvest bacteria in the filter core chamber network open cell structure. Spraying  a good quality anti microbial  will stave off unseen airborne bacteria pollutants which will reduce rapidly airborne viruses such as FLU. It is important in this respect to understand Ventcore is a preventative measure, not a cure

How does Ventcore achieve the eradication of condensation?

A PVC pipe is inserted into the cavity built into the construction. A grill cap is fitted internally and externally creating the finished vent. Once the core is retro fitted into the pvc pipe, eradication is attained through a reverse vortex process as heat leaves so creating the conductivity of heat through its thermal open cell core structure tempering inward cold air permeability, eradicating condensation and black mould build up naturally.

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