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Wow at first I thought it was a joke, I phoned (VENTCORE) and purchased  six 100mm x 15mm x 20mm x 385mm.  Just can’t thank Ventcore enough how this has ended a long running nightmare the wife is so pleased.

Mr Paul Styles


Having heard of the new innovation in the Wexford People Paper I decided this was for me.  I contacted (VENTCORE) it was game set and match, my Vents are now sorted. I haven’t had any problems. It had been a delight to finally resolve a long awaited problem.

Mary Mernagh

New Ross, Wexford

The service and supply had been second to none. My vents are at peace with themselves no more sleepless nights. Absolutely fantastic innovation.

Mary J Flood Furlong


This invention has resolved all my problems. You just can’t get this in shops or providers the product is priceless. How is it so affordable?

Dolorous Power

Wellington Bridge County Wexford

I and my husband have had prolific wall ventilation problems in our vastly built new build. We bought 9 as we have nine rooms. Dampness just over shadowed our home of past we just couldn’t get our heads around the dampness and where it was stemming from it was our vents. Since our purchase and delivery we have fitted the product. We have been venting with the new thermal filter Ventcore for 10mths now our dampness and black  mould has disappeared. This is an absolute cracking product and for so little. That’s what its all about, price and effectiveness. We are nearing a saving sterling of a 150 that’s only 10 mths and rarely put the heating on. Further our health has gotten better.  I and my husband suffer with bad bronchitis.  I suffer further  with allergies we haven’t seen our GP since our retro-fit.  I don’t use my asthma pump any more since self fitment. Why hasn’t this product never been thought of. Well done to the innovator.  

Mary Pellow

Chew Stoke, Bristol, UK

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