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About Ventcore

The Ventcore® product is the invention of Michael Donovan. His journey to getting his product to market was not a particularly easy one.

In fact, it was a particularly difficult process further complicated by his dyslexia, a learning disorder that includes difficulty with reading and sounds relate to letters and words.  Through sheer grit and determination he underwent a transformation of understanding the processes of intellectual property, Michael realised he had an incredibly innovative idea for a product that could help vastly improve peoples’ indoor living environment by filtering the flow of air through the use of his novel wall ventilation idea.   Without any outside financial or any other type of support Michael completed his unique product design. He has been blessed in finding a manufacturer who saw the huge potential of a product that could deliver significant indoor air quality improvement along with many resultant health benefits. Despite all the many challenges Michael encountered along the way, the Ventcore product has become a reality and is now available to a worldwide market.


Ventcore is a world first innovation available to domestic markets and building industries in Ireland, UK, Europe and globally.


Michael would like recognise the support of TD John Brown, James Brown TD, Councillor Padge Wreck, and Ross Thurlow (Technical Foam Services – incorporating the Vita Group Plc). Michael extends a special thank you to Tom Hannah (Chief Engineer, Technical Foam Services – incorporating the Vita Group Plc).

Further special thank you goes to Justine Healy (Solar & Palau Ventilation Group / S&P Ireland Ventilation Systems LTD,) for the incredible ongoing support.

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